Macau Beer Introduction


About us

Macau Beer was founded in 1996. It was originally a small brewery founded in Macao by a young American Brewer. At that time, before the U.S. Integrated Resort (hereafter referred to as IR) entered Macao, it was assumed that Macao would continue to develop like Las Vegas in the future. Therefore, Macau Beer was created. Since its birth, Macau Beer has always been named after Macao, a world-famous tourist city. It fully inherits the original mission of a company carefully brewed by entrepreneurs.

Brand History Background

Macau Beer is not only a local brand born in Macao, but also a special brand named after the city. We want more customers (Macao locals, tourists, foreigners who have never been to Macao) to feel the charm of Macao by drinking Macau Beer. We hope to contribute to the promotion of Macao's urban charm.


1996-2003 Macau Beer has gone through three main stages of development in its continuous effort to improve its products and image.At the first stage, the brand package reflected the old Macao with images of sailing vessls and the Guia Light House.
2003-2006 At the second stage,the brand was highly infused with Kirin Beer’s exquisite brewing techniques leading to significant enhancements of the brewing quality and production capacity of Macau Beer. It was during this period that the unique and refreshing taste of Macau Beer was developed. The product image was designed with the color of Macao – green, and Macao’s landmarks: the Guia Lighthouse. The packaging fully illustrated the modern urban essence of Macao.
2007年至今 From 2007 till now, in response to requests from supportive consumers, Macau Beer continued with the improvement of both the taste and also the image design. It released an improved product brewed with 100% well-selected malt. Apart from the color of Macao, green.The color of gold was deliberately introduced to celebrate the resplendent and magnificent face of the new and vibrant Macao.