Macau Beer Introduction


About us

In 1996, a young American brewer started his own small brewery in Macao. Entering the time when the U.S. integrated resorts setting foot in this city and transforming it as Las Vegas of the Orient, the one and only Macau Beer was born with local pride.
Derived from the city name, Macau Beer not only genuinely symbolizes the uniqueness of the place, but also gives our customers the mellow taste and urban charm of Macao.

Our Story

1996-2003 The early Macau Beer used the images of lighthouse and sailing boat on the bottle labels, giving the feeling of the early days when Macao was a fishing port. The history of Macau Beer is like an epitome of Macao's development.
2003-2006 In 2003, Kirin Brewery (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., joined. Thanks to the world-recognized brewing technology of Kirin Beer, we greatly improved our production capacity and quality.
Bottled in Macau-green colour, Macau Beer evolved to have a unique taste - fresh and pleasant - which embodies the soul of the city.
2007-2017 In face of the demand for high quality beer, we made a big step and launched today’s premium Macau Beer, brewed with 100% superior malt. The new label is designed to represent Macao being a cosmopolitan and fascinating city with a wonderfully rich culture and history.
Since 2017 Macau Beer has now expanded to the mainland China and overseas markets.
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Macau Beer Concept Store x Belive & More in August 2021 (Location: Rua do A. Sergio in Macao).