2021 Macau. Tsingtao Beer Cultural Festival

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On July 16, the 24-day Macau. Tsingtao Beer Cultural Festival opened at Wynn Outdoor lawn. This festival attracted many citizens and tourists to participate. People was attracted by multiple elements such as beer, music, performance, cultural creation, and food, it was so exciting.



At the Macau Beer Featured Booth, there were multiple surprises set for the consumers. At the scene, the Seasonal Limited Edition beer was popular with the tasters. “I have been to Travessa da Paixão”, the sweet and sour strawberry meets the mellow; “Macau Amber Ale”, the red beer with the aroma of beech wood. “Macau Beer • Wynn Pack Edition” was also provided in the venue, people could also enjoy the mellow of Macau golden ale.


Based on Macau Golden Ale, consumers can use orange juice, raisin juice, salt soda or Calpis on the spot to prepare a glass of their own “beer drink”, then got a new beer beverage which is unique! At the same time, games are set up on the scene to interact with consumers, and while feeling the “exciting current”, everyone has a special experience.



The Macau Beer and Tsingtao Beer jointly held the “Fantastic beer party”, which is not only a Macau delicacy brewed by beer in Qingdao and Qingdao, but also a friendly exchange between the two places.